Matthew Symbiob

Matthew Symbiob

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First Name * Matthew
Last Name * Symbiob
Username * symbiob
Country * United Kingdom
Nationality English
Languages English





I am embarking on the big project of converting my old Flash cartoon 'Symbiob' into 3D using Blender, and have thrown myself into Blender just under 1 year now, having come from a 2D illustration/animation background.

I have already started on 'Symbiob Mountains: Bish & the Shus' (images will be in my galleries here), and also have the characters 'Klax & the Glydoos (from the Forest of Symbiob) modelled and rigged.

So far it is taking me AGES to do by myself and realise that to get it anywhere near done within the next 100years, I will need assistance. I am merely a lone guy, not a company, so will have very limited funds, but at the same time do not expect anything to be done for free. So if anyone would enjoy working on colourful, fun, universe of quirky monsters, please register your interest and point me to samples of your work and we can discuss rates of pay!